The Office of Quality Assurance Feedback Link

In its efforts to sustain and improve its services to its students, instructors and staff, the Office of Quality Assurance (QA) team maintains an online feedback link ( to receive and respond to questions and comments made about RMC programmes, courses, and services. Through the feedback link, QA can also help students, instructors and staff to navigate RMC institutional policy by directing inquiries to the right department and to the right person. In addition to responding to feedback link queries, QA tracks the results of those queries and compiles and analyzes statistics in order to report on trends and recommend improvements to policy.

The primary role of QA as the operator of the feedback link is:

  • To listen to the questions, concerns and complaints of RMC students, instructors and staff
  • To provide information on RMC institutional and especially academic policies
  • To identify and reframe issues for those who consult the office
  • To develop responsible and productive options for addressing questions or concerns

Wherever possible, QA seeks to help people solve problems themselves and at the lowest possible institutional level. QA not only does not make binding decisions, but it refrains from offering any decisions at all. QA does not participate in formal investigations for the institution. QA supplements rather than replaces formal channels; consulting QA is always voluntary and never required as part of any grievance process.

In addition to making the formal processes of the institution accessible to students and staff, QA keeps track of the general patterns of consultations (with any and all specific identifiers removed to protect confidentiality) and makes recommendations on amending practice or policy where appropriate.

QA only offers help and support in navigating the academic structure of RMC; it does not interfere with the military chain of command. For advice and support for problems related to the military structure of RMC, contact the National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman.

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