Linguistic duality

Learning the other official language should not be restricted to mandatory Second Language Education and Training courses. RMC is a bilingual institution and daily activities can take place in one or the other official language, or both, and translation is offered when necessary.  All official documents at the College are available in French and in English.  In addition, RMC recruits Francophone and Anglophone students, and most employees at the College are bilingual.  This environment allows tremendous linguistic opportunities; indeed, it is easy for Anglophone students to spend time with their Francophone peers, and vice-versa. Academic classes can be in French or in English, and students can take them in the other language once they reach the required level. In addition, they can always reach out to their teachers in order to refine their linguistic skills. RMC constantly provides chances to improve the command of the second language, and students should actively pursue them.

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