Intramural Sports Program

The intramural (IM) program is an important part of each officer cadet's overall Athletic Pillar and contributes to:

  • the improvement of physical fitness;
  • providing leadership opportunities;
  • creating a competitive environment;
  • exposing officer cadets to a variety of sports;
  • the development of team spirit and esprit-de-corps; and
  • the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle.

The IM program, in conjunction with varsity athletics, allows every Officer Cadet the opportunity to compete in a wide variety of team sports while being put in different situations to practice and improve upon many of the sports skills they have learned in the physical education program.

The IM Program is composed of:

  • Intra-Squadron Sports Competitions which are conducted in the Fall and Winter on Tuesday and Thursday evenings; and
  • Wing Sports Days, which take place on a Saturday or Sunday and involves all Officer Cadets in the Wing (normally in Sep and Feb).

For more information about intramurals, please feel free to contact:

Elizabeth Gibson - Recreation and Intramural Manager

613-541-6000 ext 6411

Kristy Cantarutti - Intramural Coordinator

613-541-6000 ext 8738

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