Lecturers and Adjunct Professors


Lecturers and Adjunct Professors Contact Information

Michelle Douma

Office: Sawyer Building, S4409

Email: Michelle.Douma@rmc-cmr.ca

Paul Hungler 

Queens University

Email: Paul.Hungler@queensu.ca

Kommy Farahani

Office: Sawyer Building, S2510

Email: kommy.farahani@rmc-cmr.ca

Iris Koch

Office: Environmental Sciences Group Building, R62

Email: koch-i@rmc-cmr.ca

Bill Lewis


Matt McTaggart

Office: Mackenzie Building, MK462

Email: Matt.McTaggart@rmc-cmr.ca

Brant Peppley

Queens University

Email: Brant.Peppley@queensu.ca

Marcus Piro

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Email: Markus.Piro@uoit.ca

Allison Rutter

Queens University

Email: ruttera@queensu.ca

Lembit Sihver

Instutute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics

Email: sihver@chalmers.se

Wei Shen

CANDU Owner's Group

Email: wei.shen@candu.org

Anthony Williams

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Mike Welland

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
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