M. Marinova

M. Marinova
Associate Professor
Sawyer Mod 5, room 2523
(613) 541-6000 ext 3847
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

College Address

Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
K7K 7B4


  • PhD,  Toulouse, France
  • BSc., Sofia, Bulgaria

Research Interests

  • Biomass conversion processes
  • Renewable products - energy and chemicals
  • Process integration
  • Circular economy

Recent Publications

  • M. Theiri, H. Chadjaa, M. Marinova, M. Jolicoeur “Development of sequential and simultaneous bacterial cultures to hydrolyse and detoxify wood pre-hydrolysate for enhanced acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) production”. Enzymatic and Microbial Technology 133 (2020). doi: 10.1016/j.enzmictec.2019.109438
  • M. Theiri, H. Chadjaa, M. Marinova, M. Jolicoeur “Combining chemical flocculation and bacterial co-culture of Cupriavidus taiwanensis and Ureibacillus thermosphaericus to detoxify a hardwood hemicelluloses hydrolysate and enable acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation leading to butanol”. Biotechnology Progress, 35(2) (2019). doi: 10.1002/btpr.2753

Dr. Mariya Marinova - Guest Editor, Special Issue of journal Applied Sciences, entitled “Biorefineries and Sustainable Biomass Conversion: Recent Advances”, in collaboration with Dr. Hassan Chadjaa and Dr. Simon Barnabé.

Submissions exploring breakthroughs in the field of biomass conversion processes and biorefinery development are invited for this Special Issue. For more information:
Special Issue "Biorefineries and Sustainable Biomass Conversion: Recent Advances"

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