Commandant RMC

Commandant RMC
Brigadier-General Pascal Godbout

Brigadier-General J.P.P. Godbout, CD

Brigadier-General Pascal Godbout joined the Canadian Forces as a Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer and obtained his commission in 1995 after graduating from the Collège militaire royal de St-Jean. He worked in staff appointments at NDHQ and with Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central). He was given the opportunity to command inspiring teams of professionals at every stage of his career at the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment in Kingston, while deployed on Op ATHENA in Afghanistan, at 4 Wing Cold Lake, 22 Wing North Bay, 16 Wing Borden and most recently led Joint Task Force (North) in Yellowknife. He served at NORAD Headquarters, Colorado Springs during two separate tours of duty. As a Major, he worked both in portfolio management and NORAD command, control, communications and computers (C4) operations. As a Colonel, he was employed as the Joint Cyber Centre Deputy Director, while also pro-shifting as one of the Deputy NORAD & USNORTHCOM Command Centre Directors.

Brigadier-General Godbout developed a passion for professional development and education early on in his career. He had the privilege of serving as an instructor at the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics in Kingston, and as JCSP Directing Staff and NSP Programme Officer at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto. As Commander of 16 Wing Borden, he was responsible for oversight of the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering, the RCAF Academy, and the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations.

Brigadier-General Godbout holds a Master of Arts in Defence Management and Policy from the Royal Military College of Canada, and a Master in Business Administration from Athabasca University. He is a graduate of the Joint Command and Staff Programme and the NATO Defence College Senior Course.



Past RMC Commandants

19671 BGén J.P.P. Godbout, CD (CMR 1995) 2023–
G3841 Cmdre M.T.J. Kurtz, OMM, MSC, CD 2021–2023
18777 BGén S. Bouchard, OMM, MSM, CD (RMC 1993) 2017–2021
16855 BGen S.G. Friday, OMM, MSM, CD (RMC 1989) 2015–2017
16888 BGen A.D. Meinzinger, MSM, CD (RMC 1989) 2013–2015
14835 BGen J.G.E. Tremblay, CD (CMR 1985) 2011–2013
15181 Cmdre W.S. Truelove, OMM, CD (RMC 1985) 2009–2011
12192 BGen T.J. Lawson, OMM, CD, ADC (RMC 1979) 2007–2009
E1607 BGén J.P.P.J Lacroix, OMM, CD, ADC (RMC 1999)  2005–2007
S133 BGén J.M.J. Leclerc, CD, ADC 2002–2005
8850 RAdm D.C. Morse, CMM, CD, ADC (RMC 1971) 2000–2002
9098 BGen K.C. Hague, CD (RMC 1972) 1997–2000
6496 BGén J.C.A. Émond, CD, ADC (RMC 1965) 1994–1997
S123 Col H.J. Marsh, OMM, CD, ADC 1996–1997 (acting)
6719 BGén M. Matte, CD (CMR 1965) 1993–1996
8790 BGen J.E.J. Boyle, CMM, CD, ADC (RMC 1971) 1991–1993
4459 Cmdre E.R.A. Murray, OMM, CD, ADC (RMC 1959) 1987–1991
3543 BGen W. Niemy, CD, ADC (RMC 1956) 1985–1987
3572 BGen F.J. Norman, CD, ADC (RMC 1956) 1982–1985
3173 BGen J.A. Stewart, CD, ADC (RMC 1953) 1980–1982
4860 BGen A.J.G.D. de Chastelain, CD, ADC (RMC 1960) 1977–1980
2816 BGen W.W. Turner, CD, ADC (RMC 1940) 1973–1977
2530 BGen W.K. Lye, MBE CD, ADC (RMC 1936) 1970–1973
2576 Cmdre W.P. Hayes, CD, ADC (RMC 1937) 1967–1970
2364 Air Cmdre L.J. Birchall, OBE, DFC, CD, ADC (RMC 1937) 1963–1967
2424 Brig G.H. Spencer, OBE, CD, ADC (RMC 1938) 1962–1963
2265 Brig W.A.B. Anderson OBE, CD, ADC (RMC 1936) 1960–1962
2184 Cmdre D.W. Piers, DSC, CD, ADC (RMC 1930) 1957–1960
2140 Air Cmdre D.A.R. Bradshaw, DFC, CD, ADC (RMC 1934) 1954–1957
1137 Brig D.R. Agnew, CB, CD, ADC, LL.D (RMC 1915) 1947–1954
  MGen J.F.M. Whiteley, CB, CBE, MC, ADC 1947
2120 Brig J.D.B. Smith, CBE, DSO, ADC (RMC 1933) 1945–1946
1841 Brig D.G. Cunningham, DSO, ED, ADC (RMC 1929) 1944–1945
H2727 MGen H.F.H. Hertzberg, DSO, MC, ADC 1940–1944
816 Brig K. Stuart, DSO, MC, ADC (RMC 1912) 1939–1940
749 BGen, The Honourable H.D.G. Crerar, CH, CB, DSO, CD, ADC (RMC 1909), PC 1938–1939
  Brig H.H. Matthews, CMG, DSO, ADC 1935–1938
624 Brig W.H.P. Elkins, CB, CBE, DSO, ADC (RMC 1906) 1930–1934
621 Brig C.F. Constantine, DSO, ADC (RMC 1906) 1925–1930
151 MGen Sir A.C. Macdonell, K.C.B., CMG, DSO, ADC, LL.D. (RMC 1886) 1919–1925
  Brig C.N. Perreau, CMG, ADC 1915–1919 (acting)
  Col L. R. Carleton, DSO, ADC 1913–1914
  Col J.H.V. Crowe, ADC 1909–1913
45 LCol E.T. Taylor, ADC (RMC 1878) 1905–1909
  Col R.N.R. Reade, ADC 1901–1905
  LCol G.C. Kitson, ADC 1896–1900
  MGen D.R. Cameron, CMG, ADC 1888–1896
  Col J.R. Oliver, CMG, ADC 1886–1888
  Col E.O. Hewett, CMG, ADC 1875–1886



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