How You Can Nominate a Candidate


The RMC Wall of Honour

In 2009 the Class of 1963 donated the Wall of Honour (the Wall) to RMC upon entry to the Old Brigade.

The Wall:

  • Recognizes ex-cadets of the Canadian Military Colleges (RMC, RRMC, CMR) and others with College numbers for outstanding achievements and contributions to Canada or the world
  • Inspires prospective recruits, existing RMC students, RMC graduates, RMC staff and all Canadians to be the best they can be through dedication, hard work, application of their talents and training and by letting “Truth, Duty, Valour” guide their lives.

Among Those Who Have Been Honoured

  • 13 Major-General A.B. Perry, CMG, ADC – “Pioneer leader of the North West Mounted Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police”
  • 85 William J. Stewart – “Scholar, Chief Hydrographic Surveyor of Canada”
  • 1032 Lieutenant-General Eedson Louis Millard "Tommy" Burns, CC, DSO, OBE, MC, CD – “Decorated WW I Soldier, WW II Canadian Corps Commander, UN peacekeeper”
  • 7860 Lieutenant-General, the Honourable Roméo Antonius Dallaire, OC, CMM, GOQ, MSC, CD – “Soldier, Humanitarian, Author, Senator, Activist”
  • 13738 Colonel Chris Austin Hadfield, OC, OOnt, MSC, CD – “Aviator and Astronaut Extraordinaire”


  • Attended a Canadian military college or received an honorary college number
  • Has been recognized for professional or volunteer service in military, academic, athletic, business, public service, science and technology or religious endeavours
  • Has demonstrated the personal strengths which the colleges strive to achieve and sustain
  • Anyone who occupies, or is a candidate for, elected office is not eligible
A.B. Smith

Mandatory Selection Criteria

Candidates must have an achievement of extraordinary significance at a national or international level that:

  • Is of lasting significance;
  • Reflects the qualities of “Truth, Duty, Valour”

Secondary Selection Criteria

Candidates should have :

  • Recognition beyond Canada that demonstrates a degree of international stature
  • Demonstrated accomplishments in multiple fields and have made a lasting contribution to advancing the human condition through:
    • Achievement in the military, academia, the professions, business, public service or politics
    • Ability to express opinions in public speaking and through interaction with the media
    • Community involvement as a volunteer or related activity
    • Involvement in sports
    • Involvement in the arts


Overall management and annual operations of the Wall are handled by:

  • The RMC Wall of Honour Governance Committee
  • The Nomination Committee
  • The Selection Board
  • The Citation Committee
  • The Administrative Office

Annual Timelines

  • October - Request for Nominations is announced in e-VERITAS and other media.
  • 1 February - Deadline for nomination submissions
  • March – Nomination Committee submits Nominee names and documentation to Selection Board
  • March - Selection Board completes deliberations, communicates decision and forwards Honouree documentation to Citation Committee
  • June/July – Honouree citation(s) forwarded to e-VERITAS
  • September – Wall of Honour Ceremony

Looking Ahead


  • A detailed transition process involving the Class of 1963 and the Class of 1975 has taken place over the past three years
  • Management and administration of the Wall of Honour was transferred to the RMC Class of 1975 at the 2018 ceremony

The Challenge Going Forward

  • In recent years the quantity of submissions has declined
  • RMC has committed to nominating a candidate each year
  • But your help is needed to ensure that the important goals of the Wall of Honour continue to be achieved

How You Can Help

  • Talk about the Wall of Honour with your friends and colleagues
  • Study Canadian history to identify ex-cadets or others who meet eligibility criteria
  • Select a potential Honouree
  • Review  the Selection Criteria and Outline for Nominee Submissions

  • Prepare and submit a nomination
  • Contact a member of the Wall of Honour Governance Committee for assistance

For more information

RMC Wall of Honour
Nomination Committee Chair:
9985 Derek Lovlin
Selection Board Chair:
10642 Doug Wright
Citation Committee Chair:
10751 Lee Smith
Administrative Coordinator:
10208 Cam Carbert
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