2019 RMC 3MT Competition

Participants in 2019 3MT competition at RMC

RMC’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition was held March 22 – 2019. We would like to thank those who attended the event; your support of the RMC 3MT competition and the participants is greatly appreciated.

We wish to thank all competitors: Andy Lee, Nicole Mendonza, Sebastian Ovalle, Adrian Pang, David Patch, Satpreet Sidhu, Angela Starchuck, and Genevieve Tadeson, and to congratulate them on their excellent presentations.

We would like to express our appreciation to all members of the judging panel: Dr J. Scott, Mr Z. Hamel, Captain P. Bordush, Ms K. Adam, Mr S. Meinhardt, and Dr J. Loiseau. The competition was tight however, the judges reached the following decision:

Three Minute Thesis - Founded by the University of Queensland

Sponsored by
RMC foundation

1st place and winner: David Patch, MSc candidate, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.  Presentation title: "A Slippery Situation: Release of PFAS From Commercial Products"
2nd place: Capt Geneviève Tadeson, MSc candidate, Physics.  Presentation title: "Changing the future: Cheaper Solar Energy"
3rd place: Nicole Mendonza, MSc candidate, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.  Presentation title: "A Novel Chemotherapeutic Assassin"
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