Programmes Offered

While our graduate programmes at RMC have been expanding over the past years, the vision of Division of Graduate Studies remains focused on offering strategically selected programmes and maintaining its standards to be among the best.

RMC offers only graduate programmes that fully meet the appraisal standards of the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies. A number of the graduate programmes have extensive ties with the Department of National Defence and with other government agencies, and academia inside and outside Canada.

Please explore the graduate programmes that interest you listed below and feel free to contact the programme chair/academic department for further information.

Official Languages

Due to a lack of demand which limits our ability to offer a suitable pedagogical environment for graduate studies in the French, the principal language of instruction for our graduate programmes is English.  Notwithstanding this, where sufficient demand exists, our graduate programmes may offer courses and supervision in French.  Accommodations may be provided made in accordance with Academic Regulation 5.19 to accept student submissions in either official language regardless of the language of instruction. 

The Division of Graduate Studies and Research does provide administrative services to our graduate students in the official language of their choice.  

Graduate Studies Programmes


Master of Engineering Programmes (M.Eng.)


Master of Business Administration Programme


Master of Defence Studies Programme


Master of Public Administration Programme


Doctor of Philosophy in Science Programmes (Ph.D.)

War Studies

Masters Degrees in Arts

PhD Programmes in Arts

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