Library Policies

Permitted Borrowers

The general public is welcome to consult library materials on site.

Permitted borrowers are as follows:

  1. RMC students, faculty, and staff - must present a valid RMC photo id card
  2. CFB Kingston personnel - must present a valid Personal Liability and Clearance Card in order to obtain a library card
  3. Students, faculty, and staff from other Canadian universities must present a valid student photo id or inter-university borrower's card in order to obtain a library card


  • 3 weeks - undergraduate students, external borrowers
  • Term loan - faculty (RMC and Queen's), graduate students, staff Note: term loan books are subject to recall after the first 2 weeks
  • Reserve collection - from 3 hours to 3 days, no renewals
  • Reference and special collections - do not circulate
  • Journals - do not circulate except in special circumstances, at the discretion of the librarians
  • Audiovisual materials - 1 week (loan period can be extended in special circumstances, at the discretion of the librarians), no online renewal
  • Course outlines (Schaum's, etc.) - 3 weeks, no online renewal

Renewals / Library Accounts

  • Patrons are responsible for checking their library accounts regularly to ensure there are no outstanding blocks.
  • Library materials can be renewed if they have not been reserved by another borrower
  • As long as there are no outstanding blocks for other materials, books and accompanying CDs may be renewed online. After 2 online renewals (1 renewal - CFB Kingston personnel, students from other universities), the books must be brought to the library.

Books on term loan may only be renewed within 1 month of the due date.


  • Library materials must be returned or renewed by the due date. (See above Renewals sections.)
  • Overdue notices are sent out via email. (For items that are very overdue, notices are sent to the squadron commander (officer-cadets) or registrar's office.)
  • Library patrons with overdue materials cannot borrow any more books until the overdues have been returned or renewed.
  • Items that have been requested by another borrower must be returned promptly by the due date. Failure to do so could result in the suspension of library privileges.

Lost/Damaged Books

  • Library patrons are responsible for the books they borrow
  • Library patrons must pay for any books that they have borrowed and which they have lost or damaged

Privacy of Records

Confidentiality of circulation records shall be maintained. No information regarding items on loan or loaned in the past shall be made available to any person other than the borrower. The one exception is for administrative purposes, including resolving un-returned or lost library materials, or fines.

Borrowing at Other Universities

Through a reciprocal arrangement, RMC students, faculty, and staff are permitted in-person borrowing of materials at other university libraries. In most cases, all that is required is an RMC photo id or inter-university borrower card, available by filling out an application form on the RMC portal.


For help, send an e-mail to the Massey Library.

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