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The Leadership Library Collection was presented to the Royal Military College of Canada by the Class of 1956 . It is tradition for each class to mark its 50-year anniversary and entry into the Old Brigade with a gift, and the Class of 1956 chose to donate this collection of leadership material because it represents the central purpose of RMC, leadership development. The Collection is a symbolic gift, which allows each member of the Class of 1956 to commemorate his years at RMC, while at the same time creating a worthwhile compilation of literature that characterizes the foundation of the officer corps. The Class of 1956 hopes that the Leadership Library will serve as a valuable reference point for those interested in the study of leadership, and will contribute to the development of a new generation of Canadian leaders.


The Leadership Library Collection provides a solid anthology of leadership literature to RMC students and staff, which will aid in the development of successful leaders for the Canadian Forces. In the last two decades much has been written on the topic of leadership; yet, few libraries have compiled identifiable collections.

This gift will enable Massey Library to supply an abundance of learning material that will help broaden the focus of leadership study at the College. The Class of 1956 believes that the Collection will benefit everyone at RMC, while helping the College uphold its reputation as a centre of excellence for the development of leadership in Canada.


The Leadership Library Collection comprises more than 1000 titles including books, journals, theses, videos, and audiocassettes. While the majority of these titles focus on military leadership, almost one third of the material deals with leadership in non-military settings. In accordance with RMC's reputation as a bilingual institution, the Class of 1956 has worked very hard to include a number of French titles, and willingly accepts any recommendations for appropriate French materials.

Recommending titles:

The Leadership Library Collection Committee welcomes suggestions of books, articles, theses, dissertations, and video documents. Should you wish to recommend a title, please contact the RMC Library.

The Class of 1956 has established the following list of selection criteria for materials to be included in the Collection:

  • Material should be aimed at aspirant leaders, particularly cadets at the undergraduate level
  • Material should emphasize, but not be limited to, military leadership
  • Material should emphasize, but not be limited to leadership in the Canadian context
  • Material should be available in both official languages
  • Material can include works of fiction
  • Material should be considered under one of the following categories: general leadership, biographies, command of troops and ethics and psychology

Reviewing titles:

The collection committee is always looking for RMC alumni, commissioned officers, and academics to act as book reviewers. Should you fall within one of these three employment categories, and wish to assist with the continuous expansion of the collection, please contact the RMC Library.


The Leadership Library Committee is dedicated to maintaining an up-to-date collection of quality leadership material. As a result, the Committee gladly accepts monetary and book donations, both of which will contribute to the overall success of the Leadership Library Collection. All donors will be provided with tax receipts.

Should you wish to add a book to the collection, please contact Ms. Sarah Toomey, Chief Librarian. Please note that all donated books must be reviewed and found suitable prior to being included in the Collection.

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