Thesis preparation and binding instructions

Instructions for Thesis Submission for Graduate Students at RMC

Thesis Preparation Guidelines

As outlined in the RMC's Division of Graduate Studies and Research's Thesis Preparation Guidelines, graduate students are required to submit their thesis electronically to RMC's digital repository, eSpace. Graduate students must also submit two paper copies of their to the library for binding.

Electronic Submission

Once they have successfully defended their thesis, students will be responsible for submitting it to eSpace, RMC's digital repository. This electronic version is considered the primary, or original, version of the thesis. This version will be permanently archived by Massey Library and harvested by Library and Archives Canada for inclusion in their digital collection.

A Library staff member will contact the student with instructions to follow for this submission process.

Binding of paper copies

Twice a year, in mid-March and mid-September, paper copies of theses are sent for binding. In order for the library to process a thesis, two copies are required. Please ensure that the following forms are included:

Once bound, the two copies will be returned to the department, for distribution to the author and the thesis supervisor.

If the author or the department wishes to have additional copies bound, at his/her own expense, send an e-mail to Massey Library to obtain the bindery's contact information

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