Master of Business Administration - Success Stories

James S Denford, CD, B.Eng (Eng Mgmt) (RMC), MBA (RMC), PhD (Mgmt) (Queen's University)

"I was in the second class of the MBA program in 2000. Having just completed Land Force Command and Staff College, I thought that I was prepared for long hours - was I wrong! The workload was intense but also valuable as I found myself learning new concepts and facing new problems on a weekly basis. I used the base of knowledge gained subsequently throughout the remaining ten years of my military career and into my civilian career in academia. It was a tremendously challenging but rewarding experience."


Dave Morency,   M.Sc., M.B.A., P-Eng

"Centralization, transformation and optimization, three buzzwords that quickly became my main effort since I became Deputy Commander of Real Property Operations Unit in Quebec last summer, a unit that had just been centralized under ADM(IE) and that continues to undergo major transformations and optimizations of its business processes in order to deliver its mission in a new working environment. The RMC MBA equipped me extremely well to navigate these challenges as I found myself responsible for managing and optimizing the unit organizational structures while at the same time leading the effort of putting together the unit first triennial comprehensive integrated resource management business plan. New in the business of real property management, the RMC MBA provided me with a solid foundation that catalyzed my integration to the business and permitted to achieve my objectives set forth by my Commanding Officer. Engineer by formation, I started the MBA program wanting new challenges and by curiosity, what I did not expect is how useful and relevant, the teaching was going to be in my daily work."

"The knowledge gained through his MBA program has proven to be a tremendous asset to us and has contributed to optimizing the processes of our various organizational spheres"

Lieutenant-Colonel François Lagacé, Commanding Officer, Real Property Operations Unit (Quebec)

Mark Thompson, CD, MBA, CPA, CMA

“The RMC MBA program provided me with an incredible experience by pairing instructors who are academic and industry experts in their field, with flexible scheduling and tools that allowed me to complete the program while working full-time as an accountant and serving as an Army Reserve Officer. The program is flawlessly managed by a dedicated Chair and support team who take all of the hassle out of registration and allow students to focus entirely on learning RMC recognized my prior work experience and education as an accountant, while allowing me to focus on the areas of knowledge that I had sought to upgrade through the program. For the price, quality of instruction, flexibility of delivery and learning tools provided, the value of this MBA program is hard to beat in Canada.”


Melissa Boatman, CD, MBA

Before being posted from Comox, British Columbia to Ottawa in 2018, I was sent an email regarding an MBA program that was being offered by the RMCC, and how it had been tailored to accommodate the busy work and personal lives of CAF members. Recognizing that I was about to be posted, I shelved the idea; but, upon arrival in my new position as the Road and Vehicle Safety Program Manager for DND, I realized that more knowledge in areas like organizational theory and data analytics would be useful – not to mention that I missed being in a learning environment. Luckily, two of my professors from university still remembered me – I am curious to this day what their reference letters said! – and I was accepted into the program. Responsible for looking at trends for causes of collisions, data analytics showed me how the data we (Transport organizations across the CAF) have been collecting for years could be used to provide better recommendations to the chain of command, and also create a more proactive and relevant Road and Vehicle Safety Program for the CAF. With this in mind, and while on maternity leave and later deployed to Dakar, Senegal on Op PRESENCE, I embarked on an extensive study of the Canadian Army’s collision statistics from 2007 to 2017 to assess whether forecasted models matched the reality of the 2018 data. Now, as the co-chair for the Workplace Health and Safety Committee in my current position, I continue to look to organizational theory for insight on how and why incidents and injuries happen in the workplace, and what we can do to prevent them from happening again.

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