Professional Development and Teaching Resources

The mission of the TLG is to promote a culture of excellence in teaching and learning at RMC. To this end, we strive to support RMC faculty in their development as university instructors in a variety of ways.

Lunch and Learn

During the academic year, the TLG hosts bi-weekly gatherings devoted to all things teaching and learning, featuring roundtable discussions and presentations by RMC faculty and staff, as well as by guests from outside the college. The Lunch and Learn meetings are intended to promote conversations about pedagogy at the college and facilitate the sharing of ideas, practices, and resources. You can view a list of upcoming meetings, recordings of past L&L sessions, and associated resources on the Lunch and Learn homepage on Moodle (access required).

To suggest a topic for a future L&L session, please email us at


For a curated list of resources on teaching and learning, visit the TLG's Moodle page (access required).

Teaching for Learning: Principles and Practices

Teaching for Learning: Principles and Practices is a series of self-directed tutorials intended to increase awareness about useful teaching tools, resources, and best practices, and to provide a platform for discussions about teaching and learning at RMC. Each tutorial combines theoretical perspectives with practical information about specific approaches, practices, and activities that instructors can use to inform their approach to teaching. The tutorials also provide forums for participants to reflect on their own experiences and share ideas with colleagues and are designed to evolve over time in light of these conversations. They are tailored to RMC and offered in both official languages.

RMC staff and faculty can view the information in the tutorials on Moodle or enrol and complete all the required activities. 

Click on the following links to access individual tutorials (Moodle access required):


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