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Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)

RMC will not provide updates on the status of your ROTP application

Application deadline 31 Jan - Depending on availability and screening requirements, applications submitted after this date may still be considered.

Members of the CAF Reserves must follow the application process found here: Component Transfer

If you are interested in applying for the ROTP, you must apply online through the Canadian Armed Forces.

When asked "Are you only interested in Subsidized education", please answer "Yes" to indicate you are applying for the ROTP. Once you have completed the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test and been given your Applicant ID number, please use the RMC Application link sent to you by your Recruiting Center. RMC will not provide this link to you and the online application form found in the next box is NOT the appropriate application.

All communications with ROTP applicants will be done through their respective Recruiting Centers. RMC will not provide updates on the status of your application

Undergraduate Studies (non-ROTP)

Do not use this application for paid education. Please read the instructions for the ROTP applications.

This application is for Current and retired CAF members, Federal Government employees or spouses of CAF members who meet the Eligibility criteria and who are applying for undergraduate programmes, for Interest Only, Mature Student or Visiting Student status, are reminded that you must submit your online admissions applications and documentation by the following dates in order to begin your studies for the next semester.

  • 31 July for the fall semester (Sep-Nov) - Course registration 1 July - 15 August (Late registration: 16-30 August & additional fees apply)
  • 01 November for the winter semester (Jan-Apr) - Course registration 1 - 30 November (Late registration: 1-15 December & additional fees apply)
  • 31 March for the spring semester (May-Aug) - Course registration 1 - 30 April (No late registration)

Applications received after the start of course registration will be considered for the next following semester.

There is a $75.00 fee for Admissions and payment is due when you submit your application.

Do not use this online form as part of your application for the ROTP, it will be rejected. 

Any member of the CAF admitted to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Arts(Major), Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Major), or Bachelor of Engineering degree who does not have legacy rights and subsequently releases from the CAF before completing their degree will not be allowed to remain in any of these degrees. If they are MOSID qualified before releasing from the CAF then they will be permitted to transfer into one of the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts (General), Bachelor of Science (General), Bachelor of Military Arts and Science, or Bachelor of Military Arts and Science (Honours)

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