Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Public Accountability and Transparency Requirement for the Canada Research Chair (CRC) program

Royal Military College updated Canada Research Chair Utilization spreadsheet

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The Canada Research Chairs Program invests approximately $265 million per year to attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds. Chairholders aim to achieve research excellence in engineering and the natural sciences, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences. RMC currently holds 5 CRC Chairs (two Tier 1 or senior and three Tier II or junior Chairs) and as such must adhere to the new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Public Accountability and Transparency Requirements of the program.

To be eligible for the program, all participating institutions with five or more chair allocations must clearly publish on their websites, by October 27, 2017, information related to the management of their chair allocations including:

The institution’s CRCP utilization spreadsheet, which outlines how many chair allocations the institution has, how many are filled and by which chairholders (with their term end and start dates), type of flex moves used and which allocations are available. 

RMC is committed to ensuring the highest standards for ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, across its research enterprise and with the CRC program. RMC is governed not only by the CRC’s equity requirements but also by the regulations and mandated practices of the Federal Treasury Board and Department of Defence that aim to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion.

RMC is committed to raising awareness of the benefits of ensuring policies and practices ensure equity, diversity and inclusion in the work place. To those ends, on-going and annual training is mandatory for all faculty and staff at RMC. This message is reiterated through RMC’s Research Advisory Committee with representatives of the whole university and through the Senate and Faculty Board.  All individual complaints are dealt with by management directly. As a public service institution we are a zero tolerance organization. The members of the RAC serve a conduits for faculty, department heads, and deans to raise issues requiring institutional attention, and this includes less formal discussion of the research atmosphere and similar issues that may be of concern to individual faculty who may never make a formal complaint.

RMC’s institutional equity, diversity and inclusion action plan for the CRC program is governed through the office of the Vice-Principal, Research who oversees policies approved by the Faculty Council, representing all faculty and academic staff, and reporting to the university’s Senate.

The institution’s CRC action plan was published on 15 December 2017.

The Vice-Principal, Research is the officer responsible for implementing RMC’s action plan agenda and can respond to questions or concerns related to equity or diversity regarding the CRC program specifically and RMC’s research enterprise in general. All other means for questioning practices and activities within the Federal public service may also be used. The Vice-Principal’s contact information is available here: Office of the Vice-Principal, Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

Questions or concerns raised through the Vice-Principal, Research will be addressed by the Research Advisory Committee or the university’s Senate, as appropriate.

RMC will list any Federal Designated Group (FDG) target gaps should these be identified.

Specific policies governing how RMC will staff future CRC Chair positions will be published by 15 December and will note such policies are open to revision given direction by the CRC Chair program. Federal Public Service regulations and the practices of the Department of National Defence govern RMC’s hiring.

New CRC positions: Should RMC seek an external hire for a CRC Chair the advertisement will be posted here.

Transparency of internal competitions. A detailed description of the positive steps to ensure equity, diversity and transparency of any internal process will be posted here in the event we have an internal competition. Details will include 1) an equity and diversity commitment statement for ensuring individuals from FDGs participate in the program; an encouragement to members of FDGs to apply; identify the department/faculty conducting the process; identify the tier of the chair position; identify the field of research being targeted; if a tier 2 chair elaborate on the Tier 2 justification process in accord with CRC policies on CRC Chair position advertisements; and identify and provide contact information for an individual who can answer questions regarding the process.

Annual Progress report: An annual progress report on RMC’s progress toward achieving the objectives of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan will be published here by 15 December annually.


Below are the details of RMC’s current CRC chairs.

Chair allocations as per December 2018
last updated: December 19, 2018

Convergence # Utilization by agency Name of chairholder Type Cycle Proposed start date Confirmed start date End date
101015 NSERC Antar, Yahia Renewal 2015-2 1-July-16 1-July-16 30-June-23
100276 NSERC            
100753 Special SSHRC Delaney, Douglas Resubmission 2015-1 1-October-15 1-October-15 30-September-22
100595 Special NSERC Malardier-Jugroot, Cecile New 2014-1 1-April-15 1-April-15 31-March-21
10277 Special            

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Total 5
Tier 1 2
Tier 2 3
Active (Yes/No) Final renewal submission date 5 Individual comments
Yes Not applicable 1 Third term - no further renewal possible
Yes April 2022 1 Third term - no further renewal possible
Yes October 2020 2 Maternity leave: 1 year
Extension 1 year due to Covid-19

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