Social Sciences and Humanities Research at the Royal Military College of Canada in Support of Defence and National Security Issues

A Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Grant launched in Spring 2012 organized a Regional Colloquium entitled “Imagining Canada’s Future” (Ottawa, August 2012), to which RMC presented, with 4 other universities, a successful application. Partner universities who were selected to participate in this project were asked to submit videos demonstrating the importance of social science research in solving future challenge areas for Canada.

RMC’s video focusses on some of the future challenge areas identified by SSHRC at the Regional Colloquium. This video highlights some examples of how Faculty and Graduate students at the Royal Military College of Canada are building a rich research agenda in the humanities and social sciences. The research illustrated here is focusing on areas that benefit the general public, national and international security and the governance, history and economics of defence.

Supporting Canada's Defence & Security, Today & Tomorrow


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