Checklist for RMC First Year Cadets

This checklist will help you in your preparation for First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) and your first year at RMC. Read the RMC Joining Instructions before using this checklist.

Before leaving home for RMC, you must have completed the following:

  1. Read the Joining Instructions (for both CFLRS and RMC).
  2. Obtained a travel authorization number and expense claims (DND99 or a Claims-X travel claim) and have specified the following items: 
    1. your means of transport;
    2. dates and time of your itinerary; and
    3. baggage expense claim.
    Note: If you are attending BMOQ you should receive this information from your Recruiting Centre. After BMOQ you will then be transported by bus from CFLRS to RMC on 24 August 2019 by members of the RMC Training Wing Staff
  3. Obtained a certified copy of your high school transcript as well as any post-secondary education you have completed.
  4. Obtained a Leave Request Authorization (CF100) form from your recruiting centre.
  5. Gathered the required articles of clothing and pieces of equipment.
  6. Made financial arrangements for your dependants (as applicable) and have in your possession a "VOID" cheque of your bank account.
  7. Set aside $200 for expenses upon arrival at RMC.
  8. Started a physical fitness program.
  9. Provided telephone numbers and addresses where you can be reached in case of emergency to your primary and secondary next of kin.
  10. Packed and sent your unaccompanied baggage at least three weeks in advance. Entitlements will be explained by your recruiter.
  11. Obtained a copy of your lease or mortgage and copies of your most recent utility bills (as applicable)
  12. Have a prescription for your glasses or contact lenses (as applicable).
  13. Have a copy of prescriptions for any medications (as applicable).
  14. Carry RMC Joining Instructions in your hand luggage (in case you need them before arriving at RMC).
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