Officer Cadet Recruit Joining Instructions 2023 Welcome Letter


Dear Future Officer Cadet,

On behalf of the Commandant, Brigadier-General Pascal Godbout, it is my honour to congratulate you on your selection to the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). It is a proud moment for you, and for Canada, as you embark upon your service in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Doing so, through the demanding developmental and educational environment of RMC, is an unparalleled opportunity to establish an exemplary foundation in leadership, fitness, and bilingualism while attaining a world class undergraduate degree; less than four hundred Canadians receive this honour each year.

As the Director of Cadets, I am responsible for your military training, career progression, and overall welfare as a member of RMC and the CAF. This letter is intended to provide you with information to introduce you to the College program and the expectations RMC has of you.

Upon arrival at RMC on 20 August 2023, you will commence the four-week, First Year Orientation Program (FYOP). FYOP begins with the ceremonial march through the RMC Memorial Arch signifying the arrival at the College and the beginning of the four-year training period. FYOP is a demanding period as you learn military skills and RMC specific knowledge that will enable your success in the College environment. The intensity of the experience is heightened as you will also be starting formal academic classes during FYOP, culminating during the RMC Reunion Weekend 15-17 September 23. The RMC Reunion Weekend will mark your successful transition into RMC as a full-fledged member of the Cadet Wing. Your family and friends are encouraged to attend this important event in your college life.

As part of the Reunion Weekend, all guests supporting the Class of 2027 are offered a bilingual RMC information session on Friday, 15 September at 11:00 a.m. Immediately following the information session, guests are invited to watch the First Year Obstacle Course; a significant college tradition dating back as far as 1880. This is the first of two important events for the Class of 2027 during the weekend. It demonstrates the capabilities, confidence, and teamwork developed over the short four weeks since arriving at the College. The following day, the ceremonial badging parade signifies the Class of 2027’s official entry to RMC. A more complete schedule of weekend events and a map of the College grounds is enclosed for your information. As the Reunion Weekend approaches, you and your guests will find more information at the College website (Royal Military College of Canada -

Following the obstacle course on Friday evening, will mark the first opportunity for you to visit with family and friends once FYOP begins. There will be additional opportunities to socialize following the badging parade on Saturday, and throughout the day Sunday. The Reunion Weekend is very popular with our alumni, I would encourage any of your family or friends attending the events to book accommodations in the Kingston area as soon as possible.

Following Reunion Weekend, the academic year continues where you will participate in mandatory fitness training and testing, military classes, and a regular academic schedule. As you should already be aware, the college is structured into four pillars: physical fitness, academics, bilingualism, and military. To graduate from RMC, you must be successful in all four pillars. In the fitness pillar, you must successfully complete the CAF FORCE test and the RMC Physical Performance Test (PPT). In the academic pillar, you must obtain a Baccalaureate degree in Arts, Science, or Engineering that is being offered by the college and is appropriate for your designated military occupation. In the bilingualism pillar, you must obtain a Canadian Public Service BBB profile in your second language. The qualification standards in relation to official languages can be found at the following link:  (Second language evaluation in the public service - In the military pillar, you must complete a certain level of military training and hold different leadership positions at the College during your four years. Specific details for the minimum standard in each pillar are expanded upon in the information package that accompanies this letter. It is important that you understand that the information being provided to you represents the minimum standard and that you, as an RMC Cadet, are expected to strive for more and strive for excellence above the minimum standard.

The Royal Military College is an historic institution with deep roots entrenched in the history of our country. As a graduate of RMC, you will become a part of the history of the institution. For a brief historical overview of the College please visit (The RMC Museum - ( The RMC Alumni Foundation provides important support for RMC today and to maintaining its rich history, I would encourage you to visit the RMC Foundation before attending RMC to hear how the RMC Foundation is enhancing excellence in the attraction, education, and training of the students at the Royal Military Colleges. (RMC Alumni Association Inc. | L'Association des Ancien(ne)s des – Supporting Canada’s Future Leaders | Appuyons les futurs leaders du Canada)

Included in this package are the joining instructions for the college, a map of the campus, the minimum standards for each pillar, a list and timetable of major events related to FYOP, a list of major events related to the academic year, and an eight-week physical training program designed to prepare you for the fitness challenges at RMC and for your career in the Canadian Armed Forces. RMC also has a robust varsity sports program and competes both nationally and provincially with seven different teams. If you are considering trying out for a varsity sports team (GO PALADINS), please contact the varsity team manager ( to register for tryouts.

As I said in my opening, RMC is a demanding and challenging developmental and educational environment, we feel it is important to ensure parents and/or guardians are provided with details on the program and how to support you. The RMC Parents Handbook was developed with that in mind. It will also be mailed to you, and it is very important that it be shared with your parent(s) and/or guardian(s) to ensure they have the detailed information which will help orientate them to RMC.

Your first experience at RMC will be to march through the Memorial Arch dedicated to those RMC Cadets who have gone before you and given their lives in the service of Canada. As you march through, I hope that you will be both happy, excited, and perhaps a little anxious to be taking your first steps on your educational and developmental journey through RMC. I do want to impress upon you, in that moment, you are also accepting that you will be challenged on that journey and that you have a responsibility to strive to meet and overcome those challenges. We are training you to lead that which the Nation holds most dear in its Soldiers, Aviator and Sailors who have joined the CAF in the service of Canada. It is a heavy responsibility and one that we take extremely seriously, but it is a responsibility that we will help you prepare for through the four pillars of military, academic, physical fitness, and bilingualism training delivered here at RMC. Enjoy your time in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on module one of the basic military officer qualification and I look forward to meeting you in August.

Yours sincerely,

Director of Cadets

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