The Student Feedback Survey Process

Student Evaluation Process

Course evaluations for all RMC, CMR and CFC courses (including Distance Learning courses) are generated, distributed electronically and processed through the Office of Quality Assurance (QA). QA also prepares reports on feedback surveys and maintains feedback survey management software.

The Office of Quality Assurance begins to generate online course evaluations after week seven of each term. Online surveys remain open for three weeks. Using their unique but untraceable passwords, students log on to the survey website from a link in the invitation email. Please note that surveys cannot be accessed from DWAN computers-a World Wide Web connection is needed.

Once the survey period has closed, the survey software is able to generate several types of reports.

The Programme of Study Report.
This report compiles all of the feedback collected in each department and calculates average scores for responses to each question for the department as a whole.
The Profile Line Report.
This report generates an average score for responses to each question in a single course only. The average scores for this course is then compared the average scores for the whole department.
The Departmental Summary Report.
This report is prepared by QA as an Excel spreadsheet. This report compiles the average scores of each course in a department and compares them to the average departmental scores. It also generates an overall departmental score.

In the final step in the evaluation process, QA sends the relevant reports to course instructors, their Department Heads, and the Dean of Distance and Continuing Studies.


Q: I have clicked on the link for the online survey, but I can't access the site. Why not?
A: Most reports of trouble accessing the survey site come from people using DWAN or CAF base computers. The survey site is located on the World Wide Web, so make sure that you can access the web before attempting to follow the link. If the trouble persists, contact us at
Q: In attempting to access the online survey site, I typed in the password provided, but it doesn't work. Why not?
A: In the past, some students have confused the course code with the password. Check carefully to verify that you are using the right code. If the trouble persists, contact us at
Q: I missed the window for completing the online survey. Can I make comments on the course in some other way?
A: Although QA cannot re-open a survey once it has closed, you can send comments on your experience of the course to QA will forward your comments anonymously to the relevant instructors and department heads, but this commentary will not be considered official.
Q: How is the information collected in student feedback surveys used by RMC?
A: Course evaluations offer invaluable information about students' experiences of courses. Use of the feedback as a reflection on teaching practice is the most important and immediate use of this information. Instructors can consider student comments in order to gauge the success of their teaching strategies and in order to improve upon their teaching skills and course design where necessary.

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