November Convocation


The Fall Convocation at the Royal Military College of Canada will be an in-person event held on Friday, 15 November 2024 and will start at 1400 hrs in Currie Hall on the main campus of RMC. Parking will be available on the Parade Square. Graduates will receive a notice from either the Undergraduate or Graduate offices with further details.

Guests and COVID-19 advisory

RMC follows the Canadian Armed Forces COVID-19 restrictions and protocols and local Public Health guidelines. At the moment masks are not required and social distancing will not be in effect. We invite you to wear a mask as you if you wish and some will be available for you. These protocols may change depending on the local Public Health guidelines.

Guests of all graduands are very welcome to witness the Convocation ceremony and should by seated by 1340 hrs in Currie Hall, Currie Bldg. Seating is limited and is on a first come first served basis. Currie Hall is fully accessible from the rear of the building. Parking will be available on the RMC Parade Square directly in front of the Currie Bldg.

In the event that the the in-Person Convocation is cancelled, a notice will go out to all graduating students and will be posted here. Arrangements will be made to mail out diplomas and programmes.

Graduation Rings, Frames, Souvenirs and other mementoes are available at the RMC Club Gift shop.

Dress for the Ceremony

For graduating RMC Officer Cadets in attendance the dress will be Scarlets - 1M summer. For all other military graduands the dress will be 1A (with medals, no gloves). For civilian graduands semi formal attire (business suit or equivalent) is recommended.

All graduands will be issued a graduation hood. Civilian graduands will also wear a black academic gown over their clothes during the ceremony.

Convocation Dress Rehearsal

A Convocation rehearsal for available graduands (dress of the day for military personnel - business casual for civilians) will be held on Thursday 14 Nov 2024 at 1300 hrs. All available participants are requested to be present at Currie Hall by 1250 hrs.

Graduation Hoods and Gowns

Graduation hoods and academic gowns may be signed out by all Graduands in room C200 in Currie Bldg from 1030 hrs until 1230 hrs on the day of Convocation. Faculty may also sign out black gowns at this time. All hoods and gowns are to be returned to C200 in Currie Bldg immediately following the Convocation Ceremony.

Assembly Area for Academic Procession

A short briefing for Graduands will be provided in C200 on the day of Convocation at 1300 hrs.

On the day of Convocation, all RMC Faculty members attending Convocation are asked to arrive at the assembly area in the hallway of McKenzie building just outside MK453 by 1300 hrs.


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