About RMC Online

Through the RMC Online programmes, RMC prides itself in offering unique courses and degrees, flexible schedules for students with career and family commitments, and academic credit for appropriate military and professional experience. RMC understands the operational commitments of the Canadian Armed Forces members and their families which makes RMC a university with a difference.

RMC is a full degree granting bilingual university that caters to three distinct academic groups:

  • RMC educates and trains on-campus students for careers as commissioned officers in the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Through RMC Online, the college provides university education at a distance to hundreds of military members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and their spouses, civilian members of the Department of National Defence, and to other Federal Government Department employees. Honorably released members of the CAF may qualify for the Education and Training Benefit through Veterans Affairs Canada.
  • RMC is equally proud of its unique and well-respected graduate programmes in the arts, science and in engineering, open to both military and civilian students.

Serving Canada and Canadians since 1876, RMC has placed its graduates not only in military service, but also in government, business, other professions and even in space!

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