Department of Defence Studies

About the Department of Defence Studies

Welcome to the Department of Defence Studies located at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto. The department is the largest and most interdisciplinary concentration of defence and security academics in Canada. Our faculty members hold graduate degrees in political science, war studies, history, economics, business, sociology, psychology, law, international affairs, chemistry and education. Moreover, many in our faculty have held senior level positions in the military, provincial and federal government, the defence science community, the private sector, and as journalists and have worked or been deployed both across Canada and overseas. For these reasons, we bring to our teaching and research a practitioner's perspective as well as academic rigour.


Department of Defence Studies
Located at the Canadian Forces College (Toronto)

215 Yonge Blvd.
Toronto, ON
M5M 3H9


Master of Defence Studies

Information on the requirements and courses descriptions for the Masters in Defence Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada.

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