Indigenous Leadership Opportunity Year (ILOY) Joining Instructions 2022


Welcome to the Indigenous Leadership Opportunity Year (ILOY) - a unique one-year program designed to provide students of Indigenous heritage with individual, group, and cultural experiences that help build their indigenous self-identity, leadership and life skills.. You are about to enter one of Canada’s national military universities and you can feel justifiably proud of your accomplishment. Graduates of ILOY have established a reputation of service and achievement. ILOY will expose you to a rich and very proud military tradition at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), to Indigenous Indigenous traditions and heritage as well as and preparing you for leadership roles.


ILOY was first offered at RMC in 2008. It is a successful program as a good number of up to 28 students per year complete the program. Two military staff and one civilian are supported by Indigenous elders and the RMC academic staff in the running of the program. The program is run in conjunction and tandem to the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) at RMC. ILOY cadets participate in the majority of activities with the other naval and officer cadets of RMC.

Upon completion of the program, ILOY cadets can apply to continue at RMC in a degree program through the ROTP, or to become a Non-Commissioned member of the CAF. They can also continue in the CAF in the primary reserve.

For those students who choose not to remain with the CAF this program provides opportunities to explore potential aspirations, and opens doors for future education or leadership activities.

As of June 2021, there were a dozen ex-ILOY cadets studying at RMC.


RMC is situated on Point Frederick, just east of Kingston on the northeast shore of Lake Ontario. We acknowledge the land on which the RMC campus is situated is the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe and Huron-Wendat peoples, where we are proud to deliver the successful ILOY program.

Point Frederick is a site of considerable historic importance.  In 1789, a naval depot and dockyard were established on the Point and it became the headquarters for the Provincial Marine.  During the War of 1812, the Provincial Marine was absorbed by the Royal Navy and Point Frederick became the main military base in Upper Canada.  The dockyard built and maintained the Lake Ontario fleet, which by the conclusion of hostilities in 1815 included the H.M.S. ST. LAWRENCE (112 guns) and the H.M.S. PRINCE REGENT (58 guns).  The naval presence continued until the 1850s and in that post-war period, the Rideau Canal, Fort Henry and four Martello Towers were built to augment Point Frederick dockyard. 

The creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867 and the withdrawal of the British garrison in 1870 brought the Canadian government to address the problem of Canadian defense.  Two batteries of artillery were established in 1871 to help fill the gap left by the withdrawal of the Imperial regulars.  These troops marked the beginning of the regular Armed Forces of Canada.  Given the long military history of Kingston, it is not surprising that the new Military College, as it was originally designated, was located in the city.  The College opened on 1 June 1876 with the class of 18 officer cadets.  The right to use the prefix ‘Royal’ was granted by Queen Victoria in 1878.  Since 1876 the College has undergone many changes.  RMC became a degree-granting university by virtue of an Act of the Ontario Legislature in 1959.  The College now grants degrees in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Science and Engineering in both official languages. 

ILOY is constantly evolving; Its objectives remain the same and it continues to offer opportunities for all indigenous peoples. 

Terms of service 

Recruiting Centres’ staff will explain to you your “terms of service” including pay entitlements.  They will give you an information package to read, sign and retain.  You are embarking on a possible career, should you choose to do so, in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) that will be full of opportunities, challenges and rewarding experiences.  However, it is important to start with realistic expectations, so make sure that you understand your terms of service and retain the information package for later reference. 

COVID precautions 

You will be required to arrive at RMC to complete a 14 day self isolation period. During this time, you will be required to abide by public health measures that will be outlined for you upon your arrival.  

It is asked that you make all attempts to acquire your COVID 19 Vaccine (2 doses and booster) prior to your arrival.  

Prior to arriving at RMC, you will also be asked to complete a COVID Screening found at COVID-19 Provincial and territorial resources - which will provide instructions should you be symptomatic for any potential infection.  

ILOY Orientation Program 

When you arrive at RMC, you will be required to participate in a 26-day ILOY Orientation Program from 9  August until 2 September.  During these training days, there will be administrative in-clearances as well as some basic military instruction. You will also have an academic program developed to suit your needs and to prepare you to commence studies at the College. 

Arrival at RMC 

You are required to arrive on Sunday, 7 August 2022 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.  

In order to coordinate arrival procedures, it is asked that you send your itinerary to Sergeant Grant Thoman at Further coordinating instructions will be provided by Sgt Thoman when he receives your travel plan. 

Should you fail to inform Sgt Thoman in advance, you are to report to Security Control Centre on Campus, for which there will be prominent signs directing you to this location.  

Should you arrive earlier or later than these hours, you will report directly to the Security Control Centre. Upon arrival, you will be greeted and guided to your dormitory where you can bring your belongings. Due to the current COVID environment your family will not be permitted to remain with your after arrival.

You are required to bring a number of documents with you; the list is at Documents to Bring.  These documents will be used to process you administratively as members of the CAF. 

When you arrive at RMC, you must wear appropriate and comfortable clothes to be able to walk long distances when conducting your arrival procedures.  Jeans are not allowed.  The following types of clothing are recommended: 

Male Cadets 
Shirt and/or polo shirt, clean pants and comfortable shoes.
Female Cadets
Blouse and pants and, comfortable shoes.  High heels and platform-styled shoes are not permitted for conducting arrival procedures.

Life at the College 

Your first weeks at the college will be the ILOY Orientation Program followed by, the ILOY Program. ILOY will be an intense period of academic studies and training designed to prepare you for your acceptance into a recognized post-secondary institution at year’s end.  In addition to the demands of academic studies, you will also learn traditions, history, rules and regulations of the College. Further to this ILOY prides itself in its robust cultural component, where you will be exposed to and participate in many indigenous activities that will help you and other students gain a better appreciation for the indigenous ways of knowing and self-identity. You will also become involved in fitness activities which will increase your level of physical fitness and to develop your ability to work effectively within a team.  You will be permitted to leave the college grounds with permission, using a sign-out registry but only after completion of the three-week Orientation Program. 

Beginning 5 September, most of your time will be spent on academic studies with the majority of your military activities conducted during Wednesday mornings and on selected weekends.  The following schedule shows a typical weekday.

Time Activity
6 a.m. Reveille, wash, dress and breakfast
7 a.m.  Cadet Wing Parade / Squadron Activities 
8 a.m. Classes
11:50 a.m Lunch
12:40 p.m.  Classes
4:45 p.m.  Varsity or Intramural Sports
6:45 p.m. Dinner
7:30 p.m. Study / Quiet Hours 

Weekends at the College are divided into two categories:  leave weekends and training weekends.  Leave weekends are opportunities for you to take time away from the College, to both tour the region or visit family and friends.  Training weekends are times when you will remain on College grounds to participate in parades, sporting events, attend briefings, or engage in other military or cultural training.  During training weekends, officer cadets are restricted to the greater Kingston area.  A schedule of major dates for the coming year is included at the Calendar of Dates. 


Academic classes will begin on 7 September 2022 following the Orientation Program.  During your year at RMC, you will be following a set of courses specifically designed to prepare you for acceptance into a post secondary institution that you may apply for.  The courses that will be tailored to fit your needs will require you to put a great deal of personal effort into accomplishing your goals.  This will lead towards the ultimate goal of successfully achieving the ability to enroll into a post secondary institution with the aim of obtaining a post secondary degree. 

At times it may seem that the academic workload is overwhelming.  However, the organizational and time management skills that you are taught during your College orientation, combined with hard work and the extensive help network of the College, plus Indigenous cultural supports, normally allow you to meet and overcome all challenges – while at RMC and later in your career. 

The Physical Fitness Component 

Physical fitness is an important aspect of your life at RMC.  RMC has several programs to assist you to continuously improve your fitness. 

You are requested to participate in physical education classes once per week for 110 minutes.  These classes are designed to teach you the training principles and methods, how to plan training sessions and the rules and regulations of various sports, while at the same time improving your physical fitness.  RMC Physical Education teachers who have extensive training in their fields lead these classes. 

Your fitness level is tested throughout the using the CAF FORCE Test. You will be tested soon after your arrival at RMC. The test is explained in the Physical Fitness Guide. 

ILOY students will also be encouraged to attempt the RMC Physical Performance Test. Although this will not be a pass fail component of the program, participation will permit students to familiarize themselves with what the requirements are should they choose to continue at RMC. The test is explained in the Physical Fitness Guide. 

There is an excellent sports programme at RMC.  All students shall participate in either the Intramural or varsity programs.  The list of sports is in College sports and Recreation Clubs

Professional Military Component 

The objective of ILOY is to provide a highly positive, productive and preparatory education and leadership experience. This includes all aspects of military socialization, discipline, team building, and leadership development and is also a central feature of your time at RMC 

Training is accomplished through formal sessions during your year at RMC.  There are leadership opportunities within the academic program, various briefings, activities and through practical experience in positions of responsibility. All of this training takes place under the instruction and supervision of experienced CAF officers and senior non-commissioned members. 

RMC Band 

The RMC Band was formed in 1953.  Starting as a Pipe and Drum Band, it has since grown to include a Brass & Reed Band, a Choir and a Highland Dance team. 

The RMC Band plays a very active and important role in College life by providing music for all parades and military functions.  The Band has gained wide popularity through its participation in various public shows in the Kingston area such as charity concerts, performances for veterans’ groups and retirement homes. 

Experience is not required to join the band, as there are two military professional musicians who provide instruction and training. 

Extra curricular activities 

RMC also offers a wide range of clubs and recreational activities.  These clubs, which are normally organized and administered by officer cadets, provide an opportunity to participate in numerous military and civilian activities.   

Things to bring with you 

Much of the time during first year is spent wearing issued uniforms, however you should bring as a minimum the following items:  

Item Quantity
Underwear 10
Socks 10 pairs 
Towels 2
Facecloth 1
Bathrobe 1
Shower thongs 1 pair 
Toiletries as required
Extra eye glasses 1 pair 
Sewing kit  1
Combination lock  2
Jacket and tie/ladies suit (jacket w/ trousers or skirt) (RMC only)  1
Overcoat (RMC only) as required
Casual pants 
Casual shirts w/ a collar
Dress shoes 
Running shoes  1
Swimsuit 2
Military Clothing and issued Kit (CT only) all 
Sports clothing (shorts, shirts, socks, etc)  (you will be issued PT gear, these items are for your use to train on your own time)  as required 

You may also bring the following items if you choose: 

  • Sports equipment (hockey equipment, skates, tennis or squash racket, etc) (RMC only); 
  • Musical instruments; 
  • Radio/CD/MP3 player (something small, no component stereos); 
  • Cultural regalia such as feathers, smudge and medicines 
  • Alarm clock; 
  • Briefcase/Backpack (plain dark or neutral colour) and 
  • Personal computer 

Personal computers may be brought for use in the dorm rooms.  Should you not currently own a personal computer, one can be purchased through the on campus CANEX. Internet connections are available in each room and the costs are included in your monthly accommodation fees. 

National Defence has specific rules regarding the use of computers both in the dorms and the workplace.  Each candidate must carefully follow these rules to avoid disciplinary and/or administrative sanctions. 

Prohibited articles 

Do not bring any of the following items with you: 

  • Firearms or edged weapons (switch-blade knives, knives with blades longer than six inches) 
  • Food stuff (fruits, chips, candy, etc) and drink 
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Illegal substances (including caffeine concentrate “wake up”); and 
  • Materials with sexual connotation (magazines, photos, DVD, accessories, etc) 

Restricted materials 

Here is a list of articles on which there are particular restrictions: 

  • Cellular Phones.  Permitted only after  6 p.m.  During orientation program at the discretion of the instructors. 
  • Any other electronic equipment for entertainment (iPod, DVD player), at the discretion of the instructors during the orientation program. 
  • Personal Vehicle.  You may have access to your personal vehicle; however such access will be limited following the orientation program.  Prior to this, you will not have access to your vehicle. 

It is recommended that you have $150 cash with you to cover incidentals.  Most of the time you will be wearing uniforms which will be issued to you.  A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot keep your personal item(s) in your room, then leave it (them) at home, as storage space is limited. 

Stores and services 

There is a small retail store (CANEX), located in the basement of Yeo Hall, capable of meeting most personal needs as well as providing crested clothing and gear.  The hours are: 

Monday thru Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday Closed 

The RMC barbershop, also at the same location, provides military haircuts at a reasonable price ($9.00).  Appointments can, and should be booked.  The hours are: 

Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
Saturday & Sunday  Closed 

A Bank of Montreal (BMO) Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is located outside the Canex.  BMO is currently the service provider of the Canadian Defence Community Banking program.


The administration staff at the Recruiting Centres will organize all your transportation to Kingston.  Your travel from the Toronto Airport, will be coordinated with the RMC College Orderly Room.  If you need to take a taxi, remember to keep the receipt because you will be reimbursed for this expense.  If you arrive by car, directions to the College are found at Visiting RMC.    

Contact Information 

While at RMC your mailing address will be: 

Officer Cadet (name & initials) 
ILOY Program  
Royal Military College of Canada 
PO Box 17000, Station Forces 
Kingston ON  K7K 7B4 

Upon arrival, you will be provided the Squadron NCM’s telephone number.  It may be difficult for people to phone you directly, but you are encouraged to phone home regularly. Should you not have access to a personal cell phone your family may reach out to you through the Squadron Commander telephone number, 613-541-6000 ext 6788. You will be given a College e-mail address, which you can use in the computer labs and on your personal computer. In case of emergency, your family can contact the squadron commander, during normal hours or the College officer of the day at 613-483-3024.  

Further Information 

If you require any further information related to academics prior to your arrival at RMC, you may contact the RMC Liaison office at RMC or write to: 

Liaison Office 
Royal Military College of Canada 
PO Box 17000, Station Forces 
Kingston ON  K7K 7B4 

If you would like to speak with liaison personnel, please call 1-866-762-2672 or visit our website.


Work hard and enjoy your summer.  Use the Checklist provided to ensure that you are prepared for your arrival at RMC.  We look forward to seeing you in August. 


Documents to Bring

  • Provincial Immunisation records  
  • Blank cheque or bank draft with bank account information 
  • Travel claim with receipts  
  • Emergency Contact information 
  • Copies of documents from previous service (certificates, course reports) 
  • Birth certificate 
  • High school and post secondary transcripts (if any) 
  • Eyeglass prescription (if applicable) 

Dates of Major Events at RMC 

Undergraduate calendar

Physical Fitness Guide  

RMC Physical Fitness guide and introduction to the Force test and physical performance test are located at the RMC website. 

College sports and Recreation Clubs

Varsity Teams

Competitive clubs

As an extramural sports program, the Competitive Clubs provide RMC students an enhanced opportunity for training and competition that are otherwise not available as a Recreational Club.

  • Taekwondo
  • Rowing
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Women's Rugby
  • Sailing

Recreation clubs

  • Astronomy
  • Aviation Enthusiast
  • Bilingualism
  • Chess
  • Climbing
  • Curling
  • Debate
  • Expedition
  • Judo
  • Paintball / Airsoft Photography
  • Sport Parachuting
  • Stage Band
  • Theatre
  • Multi-Sport
  • War Games
  • Windsurfing
  • Yacht
  • CFB Kingston Recreation

Checklist for RMC First Year Cadets  

Itinerary Send travel itinerary to, as soon as known         
COVID-19 Screening  To be completed within 24 hrs of departure
Results to be sent to
Equipment Personal clothing as per the above list   
Equipment Military equipment (for component transfer only)   
Document Travel Claim  
Document Birth Certificate  
Document Blank Cheque or Bank draft   
Document Immunisation record   
Document Documents from previous service (if applicable)  
Document Emergency contact information   
Document Eyeglass prescription (if applicable)   
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