About the Writing Centre

The Writing Centre is a bilingual resource for graduate or undergraduate students who are on site or conducting their learning via Distance Learning at the Royal Military College of Canada.  Our role is to assist students with any written assignment or presentation. We offer one-on-one tutorials tailored to individual writing needs and any type of written communication (research papers, reflections, CVs and résumés, theses, drafts, creative writing, memos, service papers, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Tutorials are designed to meet the particular needs of the individual student. They may focus on clarifying a thesis, organizing a report, developing a logical argument or using clear syntax. A series of tutorials may be arranged if they are needed to help the student deal with complex writing problems. Tutorials are in demand, so be sure to schedule an appointment as early as possible.

The Writing Center is open during spring and summer. To book appointments, read our instructions on how to book appointments on our online scheduling system.

If you need help, please email contact Dr. Lucie Moussu (moussu@rmc-cmr.ca).

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